Locations in the World for a Fantastic Wedding

Locations in the World for a Fantastic Wedding

Locations in the World for a Fantastic Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be an extremely spectacular and memorable event. You’re not alone in wanting a wedding which your friends and family will remember as an utterly enjoyable and amazing day. Wedding days are mostly a once in a life time experience, and you’ll want your special day to be something which you can always reflect upon and smile. The one thing which truly makes any wedding successful is the sincerity and love between the bride and groom, but it doesn’t hurt to have great food, a lively party and a picturesque location for your wedding.

For your special day, we’ve handpicked some of the best and most revered places on earth for weddings to take place. Having your wedding in those places can make the event twice as awesome as well as an unforgettable experience for your spouse, you or your wedding guests.

1.     Hawaii

The first destination which pops straight into mind is Hawaii. Hawaii has everything you could ever want in a venue for your wedding. What’s not to like? The beaches are amazing, and the sea water has a great aqua blue color. The background is absolutely scenic, and the photographs which you’ll end up with will be something to cherish for the rest of your life. The atmosphere of Hawaii is really cheerful, which is what you’ll want for your wedding day, of course.

2.     Mount Fuji – Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

If you can time your wedding to coincide with the cherry blossoms, your wedding will be utterly legendary, and will perhaps become the type which people see on Google Images and marvel at them. The pink background resonates beautifully with the wedding event; you couldn’t ask for a more romantic setting. Guests will definitely be impressed by a wedding like this, and you’ll become one very popular couple. Festivities are what make a wedding great, and a venue like this can make your guests pretty hyper.

3.     Kew Gardens, West London

Here’s another contender in the list of dramatic venues waiting for your wedding to take place – the Kew Gardens in West London. The climate here can be a little cold for people used to living in warmer regions, but the beauty of this place can be rivalled by a very limited number of places on earth. Having a wedding here isn’t half bad an idea at all, and will be quite well received by friends and family alike.

4.     Hengrave Hall, Suffolk

Hengrave Hall, Sufolk

Having a wedding in Hengrave Hall is quite a different experience compared to the rest of the venues mentioned. It has a grander feel to it, but may be too dull or gloomy for some. The castle is magnificent to behold, however, and would make a venue worthy of a royal wedding.

If you can make to one of these venues to hold your wedding, then you should definitely take the chance and make your wedding day the best day of your life!

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